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If you or a loved one are arrested on any kind of criminal charge, the experience can be frightening and isolating. Whether you broke the law or have been wrongfully accused of committing a crime, it is vital to understand your rights and to take full advantage of them. Criminal conviction can potentially lead to severe penalties that interfere with your life in several ways.

Every criminal case is unique, and there is no single strategy for defending yourself against criminal charges. You need an experienced Tucson criminal defense lawyer with the experience and resources necessary to carefully review the details of your case and assist you in crafting a functional defense strategy. The Law Office of Adam Dippel, PLLC has years of experience representing clients in Arizona facing a wide range of criminal charges. Our team can provide the reassurance and support you need during your criminal case in Tucson, AZ.

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Why Should I Hire a Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When a suspect cannot afford a private criminal defense lawyer or does not wish to pay for one, the court may appoint a public defender to act as the suspect’s defense counsel free of charge. Many people assume this is a good way to have legal counsel and save money on legal fees, but the reality is that most public defenders are incredibly busy. While the majority of them are experienced attorneys who do their best for their clients, they simply cannot match the level of personalized representation a private Tucson criminal defense lawyer can offer.

Choosing the right defense attorney can potentially mean the difference between conviction and acquittal in your criminal case. The Law Office of Adam Dippel, PLLC strives to provide client-focused defense representation in every case we accept. Our team will carefully review the charges against you, the circumstances of your arrest, and the police’s conduct during arrest and booking. It’s common for suspects accused of criminal actions to have more defense options available to them than they initially realize. Your attorney can help you determine the best possible defense options in your situation.

Know Your Rights After an Arrest in Tucson, AZ

Two very important Constitutional rights come into play when an American citizen is charged with any criminal offense. During arrest, the arresting officer must read the suspect their Miranda rights, which is a brief description of these rights. The first is the right to remain silent. The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution protects against self-incrimination. When you are under arrest, you have no obligation to say anything to the police. They may attempt to convince you to sign a statement or answer questions, but you have the right to remain silent until you have legal counsel advising you. The Sixth Amendment guarantees legal counsel to Americans accused of crimes, even if they cannot afford to hire private defense attorneys.

If you are arrested for a crime, and the police violate your Constitutional rights in any way, this can potentially be enough to have your case thrown out. Your Tucson criminal defense lawyer will carefully review the details of both your arrest and subsequent booking to ensure the arresting officers upheld your rights and followed due process of the law. If your attorney notices any issues with the police’s handling of your case, this will likely become an important component of your overall defense strategy.

Experiencing an arrest can be incredibly difficult, especially when you know you did not commit the crime in question. Some people are arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the police have little to no incentive to work with these individuals. You may feel isolated and hopeless after arrest and booking, but the right Tucson criminal defense attorney can help you ensure your rights remain protected throughout the various stages of your case.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

The Law Office of Adam Dippel, PLLC can offer robust criminal defense counsel in a wide range of cases, including:

  • Drug-related offenses. Drug possession is one of the most commonly cited criminal charges in Arizona, and it is also possible for a defendant to face charges of possession with intent to sell, drug trafficking, and additional charges related to drug offenses. These cases typically hinge on the substance in question and the quantity possessed by the defendant. Arizona has some of the harshest penalties for drug offense conviction in the US, and your defense team will need to carefully examine the details of your case to help you determine the best possible defenses.
  • Weapons offenses. Arizona enforces strict laws pertaining to firearms. Illegal use of firearms or possession of prohibited types of firearms can potentially lead to severe penalties. Additionally, if you are charged with another crime and use a weapon during the commission of the crime, the potential penalties you could face will escalate significantly.
  • Property crimes. Theft, burglary, and other offenses involving property can lead to heavy fines, jail time, and other penalties. The severity of the sentence for a property crime typically hinges on the value of the property stolen or damaged. In many cases, defendants will owe victims the value of whatever was taken in addition to other civil damages alongside the criminal penalty for the offense.
  • Violent crimes. Any crime that involves physical harm to a victim is likely to qualify as a felony in Arizona. Robbery, armed robbery, assault, and battery are just a few violent crimes that could potentially lead to years in prison and a wide range of additional penalties. When a weapon is used in a violent crime, the defendant’s sentence can increase dramatically if convicted.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. It is illegal for anyone to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are arrested for DUI, you could face fines, incarceration, loss of your driver’s license, and various other penalties. Sentencing for DUI violations in Arizona will also increase with multiple offenses within five years.
  • Sex offenses. Crimes including sexual assault, rape, and other forms of sexual misconduct are prosecuted aggressively in Arizona. These offenses can not only lead to incarceration, fines, and restitution to victims, but also mandatory registration as a sex offender. Sex offender status will prevent you from working or living in certain places and dramatically reduces your standing in your community.
  • Fraud is a crime of deception and can apply to many different situations. Insurance fraud, credit fraud, and identity theft are just a few examples of fraud charges that can lead to very serious penalties, like incarceration, fines, loss of professional licenses, and civil liability for victims’ damages.

No matter what type of criminal charge you currently face in Tucson, AZ, it is essential to understand how the criminal justice system works and how to take advantage of the legal mechanisms in place designed to safeguard the rights of defendants. The Law Office of Adam Dippel, PLLC can provide the support and reassurance you need when facing criminal charges. Our goal is case dismissal or acquittal for our clients whenever possible, but when conviction is unavoidable, we can still help our clients secure plea deals in most cases.

Potential Penalties for Criminal Conviction in Arizona

Arizona state law prescribes various types of penalties for criminal offenses. State prosecutors may charge a defendant at the misdemeanor or felony level based on the unique details of the case. For example, drug possession may qualify as a misdemeanor if the suspect only had a small quantity of a Schedule II substance, whereas they may qualify for felony prosecution if they had a larger quantity of a Schedule I substance.

It’s common for prosecutors to seek the maximum possible penalty for a defendant in a criminal case. This is typically done to not only discourage similar criminal acts in the future, but also to leave room for plea bargaining while increasing the prosecution’s chances of securing a conviction. Prosecutors may offer plea bargains when they have shaky evidence, hoping that the defendant will simply accept a lighter sentence or lowered charges in exchange for a swift guilty plea.

Penalties for conviction can also increase when a defendant faces multiple charges. For example, if a defendant committed a burglary and proceeded to injure the homeowner after intruding into their home, they would not only face burglary charges, but also assault and battery charges. If they used any type of deadly weapon this would escalate their potential sentence even further. If a defendant has prior convictions, these records will also likely influence sentencing in their current case. Repeat offenders in Arizona typically face harsher penalties than first-time offenders.

It is important to remember that the penalties for a criminal conviction in Arizona can extend far beyond the court’s ruling. While a judge may sentence a defendant to fines, incarceration, and loss of Constitutional rights, the defendant is also likely to face personal and professional consequences for their actions. A convicted defendant will likely lose the right to own firearms and may need to relinquish any firearms they own to the police. Criminal conviction will lead to a loss of standing in your community, and you could lose professional licenses that prevent you from continuing work in your chosen profession. In many cases, the effects of a criminal conviction can persist for many years, and it’s vital to develop the strongest defense possible no matter what your criminal case entails.

Some defendants may qualify for alternative sentencing based on their unique situations. For example, if you were arrested for drug possession but have a mental health condition or a substance abuse disorder, your defense attorney may be able to successfully argue on your behalf that jail time would be unsuitable for your condition. Diversionary sentencing, such as compulsory substance abuse treatment, community service, conditional probation, and counseling, are possible in many criminal cases.

Defending Against Conviction in Tucson, AZ

It is imperative for anyone accused of a crime in Tucson, AZ to consult legal counsel as soon as possible. The sooner you connect with an experienced attorney, the better your chances are of forming a viable defense. Your situation may seem hopeless at first, but your defense lawyer can potentially reveal defense options you may not have considered on your own. Remember, it is the prosecution’s burden to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. They must leverage admissible evidence and testimony to accomplish this. It’s your defense attorney’s job to prevent the prosecution from meeting this standard of proof.

Your defense attorney will likely begin crafting your defense by carefully reviewing the police report of your arrest and determining whether due process was followed. They will carefully review the details of your arrest and booking to ensure the police respected your Constitutional rights. You can rely on your defense team to prepare you for your preliminary hearing and the initial stages of your case. You will be required to enter a pleading after the judge handling your case formally reads the charges against you. If you plead guilty, the case will proceed to sentencing. If you plead not guilty, a trial ensues.

In many criminal cases, prosecutors are willing to plea bargain with a defendant. The plea bargaining process essentially exchanges a swift guilty plea for a lighter sentence. This will conserve court resources and save time for all parties involved. However, a defendant should only accept a plea agreement when they know they broke the law and the prosecution has an airtight case. Your defense lawyer can advise you as to whether a plea bargain would suit your best interests.

When your criminal case goes to trial, you have the right to offer contradictory evidence and testify to the charges against you. Your attorney can help you prepare for these sessions, and they will also help you gather any evidence, witness testimony, and expert witness testimony that may support your defense. Expert witnesses are professionals who can provide the court with clear interpretations of unique details of a case. For example, an accident reconstruction expert can explain exactly how a car accident occurred to help establish fault. Your Tucson criminal defense lawyer will help you determine the best approach to your case.

What to Expect From Your Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney

After arrest and booking, it is vital to contact a Tucson criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Anyone arrested in Arizona has the right to make phone calls once they finish booking, and you should reach out to an experienced defense attorney. During your initial meeting with a defense attorney, they will explain how they can assist with your case and outline their billing policy. Most criminal defense attorneys charge their clients by the hour. The longer your attorney must spend handling your case, the more expensive their representation will be. Make sure you fully understand a potential defense lawyer’s billing policy before agreeing to their representation.

After hiring your criminal defense attorney, they should begin immediately working on your defense. They will assist you through the preliminary stages of your case, which will include a formal reading of your charges and a bail hearing. The judge overseeing your case will set a bail amount and notify you of your court date. If you post bail, you are allowed to leave jail as long as you appear for your court date. If you fail to appear, a warrant for your arrest is issued, and you will likely face harsher penalties once your criminal trial begins.

Every criminal case unfolds differently. Depending on the strength of the prosecution’s evidence, your case may proceed fairly quickly, or it could be a very protracted process. You can rely on your Tucson criminal defense lawyer to provide ongoing advice and updates on your case’s progress. They will prepare you for each court session, helping you face the situation with greater confidence.

When plea bargaining is your best option, your defense attorney will help you secure the best possible plea agreement. For example, if your charge would typically qualify as a felony, the prosecution may be willing to reduce the charge to misdemeanor status in exchange for a swift guilty plea. An effective plea bargain can potentially help you avoid jail time and dramatically reduce your sentence in other ways. For example, you could qualify for probation in lieu of jail time or qualify for diversionary sentencing.

Find A Criminal Defense Team You Can Trust

The Law Office of Adam Dippel, PLLC has extensive experience representing Tucson, AZ clients in a wide range of criminal cases. We understand the stress and uncertainty you are likely to experience after an arrest, especially if you did not commit the crime in question. Our team will work diligently to ensure your rights are preserved and you are fully prepared to face the difficult proceedings ahead of you.

If you or a loved one were recently arrested for any criminal charge in the Tucson, AZ area, we can help. Contact the Law Office of Adam Dippel, PLLC today to schedule your consultation with an experienced Tucson criminal defense attorney.

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